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Your home for sci-fi and horror brick-based animations and creations

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Wes Talbott brings us a chilling rendition of the popular Dungeons & Dragons monster, the Beholder. This creature looks intimidating, and is certain to strike fear in the hearts of any veteran D&D player who is familiar with its stats. That said, this is an incredible build that is extremely well captured. Click on the pictures below for more from Wes Talbott!

Things aren't looking so good for the crew of that little ship. Micah Beideman's Tan'thu emerges as a huge ocean horror straight out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. Beideman makes great use of LEGO tires in this diorama, which can be seen (inverted) on the tentacles, surrounding the eyes, and bordering the mouth. The little ship also looks wonderful... but probably not for long.

Cute and creepy can be a fun combination, as shown in Titolian's collection of nano-bugs. If you click the pictures below, you will find descriptions of the function and purpose of the nano-bots, though perhaps you can infer a few just by looking at each bot's equipment. Today's builds are perhaps less on the creepy side, but the clever use of Bionicle masks as shells was too good to pass up. Be sure to check out the rest of Titolian's work on his Flickr page!


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