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You may remember Jerac's Cacodemon Build featured earlier this year. It would seem he has a strong affinity for the game, because this replica of the DOOM slayer himself is clearly a labor of love. Packed with detail on every limb, this beefy DOOM guy is truly a force to be reckoned with. Check out that shotgun!

Aliencat keeps Black Fantasy alive with this build dubbed, "The Black Anemone." The body throbs and tentacles whip as the hungry anemone flails... and is that the remnant of a victim peering out of the base? Or perhaps some darker mysterious force at work... in any case, it is refreshing to see a Black Fantasy build in 2020.

Cezium never ceases to amaze with the quality of his builds. Not only is this build packed with detail, it is also incredibly shaped and colored. With glowing eyes and intimidating stature, "Deathlord Iskandir" is described as an ancient warlord that can only be slain by a blade of pure glass. As Cezium points out, however, " proves to be quite ineffective against steel armor." Check out his Flickr account for more excellent builds!


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