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In the case of Lino Martin's "Horror at Mangrove Swamp", it is what remains unseen that is truly frightening. The murky water of the swamp hide a beast that would threaten the whole world, were it not for the blood sacrifices made by the human inhabitants of the swamp. While only a few tendrils of the beast are shown, Martins has displayed a glorious banquet of detailed builds encompassing the monster's den. Click on either of the pictures below to explore the many facets of this extra large diorama.

Anthony Wilson brings us a frightening monster packed with detail and an intimidating stare. Fearsome claws stand ready to strike as plated ribs protect pulsating egg sacks... or are those projectiles? In either case, this is one sleek build and one scary creature. Be sure to check out Wilson's other pics of the creature (the back is exquisite) and his Flickr photostream here.

Letranger Absurde (Vitreolum on Flickr) has artfully crafted a collection of vignettes depicting scenes from some of the true classic horror movies. The levitating bed scene from The Exorcist is a haunting moment that is difficult to forget... even if one wishes to. Vitreolum's depiction of Saw is also instantly recognizable, and contains a variety of excellent details such as broken tiles, drain grills, and lightsaber hilts for faucets. Click the photos below to explore even more horror movie scenes!


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