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Corvus Auriac has created an absolute masterpiece with his entry into the Ghostbusters LEGO Ideas contest. A spirit emerges from a painting, only to be trapped! There are so many delicious things about this vignette, I'm not sure where to begin. The painting itself is cleverly made with cheese blocks and 1x1 plates to create a moonlit window, but the painting is almost overshadowed by the incredibly ornate golden frame. The floor, table and statue are all wonderful touches, and of course the ghost is absolutely horrifying. Well done Corvus!

Tino Poutiainen brings us something unlike anything you've seen before. A "Glass Cerberus," the unholy combination of jellyfish and guardian of the underworld. You can imagine muscle fibers twitching and organs pulsing underneath the strange translucent shell. Tino has accomplished a great shape to this creature with the use of unusual windshield elements and clever connecting points. The triple-skull is also a charming touch. A true hound of hell!

Unnaturally large mouths is one of the creepiest visuals I've seen in horror. Buttloaf_builds gives us a good example of this in his model featuring a devil consuming some poor soul. There are a lot of cool techniques to notice here, including the Bionicle Rahkshi heads for hooves and the curved snakes. Of course, the devil's eyes are also very unsettling. Check out Buttloaf's Insta or Flickr for more!


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