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Your home for sci-fi and horror brick-based animations and creations

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I'm not sure who Minaurogg was, but I certainly wouldn't want to run into his "Husk". An excellent infection piece by Djokson, master of LEGO horror, this robotic minotaur-resembling beast has been infected by some disease or parasite that has taken control.The aesthetic of this build is a wonderful combination of polished and messy, and the colors pop perfectly. Have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color?

Poor Disadvantaged on Flickr brings us "Vezon, the Disaster". An incredible Bionicle-themed build, Vezon is apparently the result of an unfortunate incident involving Vezok and the spear of fusion (check out the original post for more on the lore). This is one tasty build; each arm is a unique treat, and the use of cloth for a hood is perfect for this character. Take a close look at the teeth and eyes as well, there is some incredible nice-piece-usage going on. And do you see the semi-hidden mask of light? Gotta love the intersection of Bionicle and horror.

This is one of those vignettes that gets better the longer you study it. Building on a unique triangular base, Bart De Dobbelaer presents us with a scene that looks like it's about to get hairy. Two cheery adventurers wander through the sand of ancient ruins - little do they know that they aren't the only thing wandering nearby. Bart has built a really interesting, abstract creature that appears to be floating (or balancing delicately). It's not often we see a monster with such a unique color scheme and design. Check out Bart's Flickr for more!


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