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The Husk of Minaurogg

I'm not sure who Minaurogg was, but I certainly wouldn't want to run into his "Husk". An excellent infection piece by Djokson, master of LEGO horror, this robotic minotaur-resembling beast has been infected by some disease or parasite that has taken control.The aesthetic of this build is a wonderful combination of polished and messy, and the colors pop perfectly. Have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color?

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04 feb 2021

Hello my friend! As you know I'm making a fandom wiki which combines all known canon sources into one (the series, specials, this site, stories of survival, your comments). Your wiki which tells the background stories of characters and gives some of them names (like Dr. Binkey I think) is a great canon source edition to that wiki because it gives more depth to the characters. So my question is, will you make background stories for some as of now unnamed characters who appeared in the series? Like the unidentified mercenary that appeared in the last stand, and the ninja guy from lego vs clay. I have both of them on the wiki under unidentified and they don't really have…

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