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Marcin Otreba blows us away with this World of Warcraft themed build. I've never played the game, but that doesn't mean I can't deeply admire this incredibly satisfying build. Towering over most other posable LEGO figures, this Lich King wields a devastating blade and wears nearly impenetrable armor. What an excellent blend of LEGO system and technic pieces! Be sure to look over the whole build; the icy base is truly the cherry on top.

Corvus Auriac brings us a peculiar organ presentation with this MOC. The organic detail of the heart and blood vessels contrasts nicely with the sharp, dark look of the base. While there is some mystery behind the meaning or symbolism of the build, it would surely look great in any display case. Or perhaps on a desk, next to several burning candles and an open Necronomicon.

The embodiment of Gluttony, "Gluttony's Child" is described by WoomyWorld as a spirit that devours everything in its path. It seems well equipped to do so, considering the sharp teeth lining its gaping maw and the creepy little one-eyed grabby-looking fellow hanging out of it. WoomyWorld has done a good job giving the creature a round and bulbous look using a variety of system and technic parts, and his use of tires for tentacles gives this build a bit of a black fantasy look. Great job!


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