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Building with quality second to none, First Order Lego presents us with a MOC of incredible quality, technique, and action. Blood drips, light flashes, and explosions go boom in this chaotic diorama depicting a zombie outbreak aboard a Star Destroyer. There is an unreal amount of detail packed into this build, so I strongly encourage you to check out the Youtube video that accompanies the build and click the pictures below to explore First Order Lego's close-up shots.

Bart De Dobbelaer transports us to a strange place, a place the locals recognize as a marsh of misty mystery and disappearing adventurers... while we recognize it as a killer build chock full of aesthetic appeal and building techniques. The Indiana Jones whips wrapped around the tree stumps make very convincing roots and tree bits.

As excellent as the landscape is, the creatures themselves are the main event. I would avoid getting near those tentacles, because once they pull you towards the toothy chest I'm pretty sure it's over. Great build, and another great Black Fantasy specimen.

Delayice presents us with a remarkably cute rendition of two superstars from Japanese horror: Sadako from Ringu (The Ring) and Kayako from Ju-on (The Grudge). In case you hadn't heard, Sadako vs. Kayako was also a 2016 film which pitted the scary ladies against each other. Not sure how I missed that one!

If these movies are a bit too intense for you, I am sure you will find these renditions more palatable. And check out the curves on the old-school TV! An overall great build with plenty of character.


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