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Your home for sci-fi and horror brick-based animations and creations

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I do love a good set of brick-built tentacles. I especially love when said tentacles are emerging from some kind of abyss or cave. But when they are emerging from a cryptic monolith carefully constructed using SNOT (studs-not-on-top) techniques and accented with runes and eye-catching colors, I consider it my lucky day. Sheo has created a highly mysterious “Vault” that appears entirely alien, perhaps with the exception of the stairs leading to the opening. The polished vault lies atop an impressive layer of stone, though whether the vault itself is carved of stone we can’t know. All we know is that this build is a beauty to behold.

Nailing the “organic” look is not a simple task when building with LEGO bricks, but Cezium has indeed nailed it with his build “First Contact”. It hardly appears to be constructed of LEGO at first glance; the use of Bionicle masks as fleshy abdomen is well disguised, and one hardly recognizes the closed eggs as the hemisphere cockpit windshield parts. Can you guess which parts Cezium used for the cracked open eggs? You likely spotted the triangle street signs, but the spherical shells are actually made from 3 Buzz Lightyear visors. Simple, yet so very effective. Say, anyone else craving scrambled eggs?

Ah, the female form. Elegant, curvy, and -ah- vibrant? Timofey tkachev’s build “Fountain of Blood in the Shape of a Girl” certainly covers all those categories. With some very clever piece usage, such as the Bionicle rahkshi heads on the chest and the use of a maroon cockpit windscreen (47844) on the belly, Tkachev has accomplished stunning form on this bloody babe. This figure’s flowing hair appears convincingly thick and slick, and the cleverly constructed curves of the figure are matched by the lovely round fountain base. Bloody good job!


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