Russel Tamaly

35, plumber, neighbor to Gerald, Matt, and Joe. Status: Alive

Russel is a simple man, and enjoyed many years as a plumber, husband, and model train enthusiast. He met his wife Jennifer in high school, and they have been together since. He has always been extremely outgoing and neighborly, but never made contact with the young men living across the street due to their strange demeanor and habits (and occasional glimpses of Matt's gun collection).

When the outbreak happened, Russ had no choice but to team up with Gerald, Matt, and Joe. Though they were separated after a daring counterattack, they were reunited with the help of Slade at base Delta. Russ joined the TCF on their mission, but left the crew before they embarked on their 4th-dimensional expedition. He was reunited with his wife Jennifer on the outskirts of Plastin city, but whether they survived the apocalypse further is unknown.