Drake Slade

41, Noble of Blocktir. Status: Alive

Drake Slade, the youngest son of Ronan and Elsie Slade, was born into a life of education and comfort. Receiving the best available schooling, culture, and training, Drake became fascinated by the works of stoic philosophers and crafted his life accordingly. After growing up in an era of peace, he was sent to fight in war against the kingdom of Galidon at age 38. He fought for 3 years before becoming a prisoner of war.

Drake was taken as a POW in the year of overlap - the undead plague had just taken root and began to play an ugly role in the conflict between Galidon and Blocktir. Thrown into a pit of undead to be eaten, Drake managed to lead a gang of prisoners through the experience, intact. Queen Reyna permitted their survival, but demanded their participation in a venture through the Frightened Forest.