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Cody Avery's entry to Bio-cup 2020 was a fierce contestant indeed. There are so many great things going on here, from the front orifice packed with tendrils, to the bubbly mass of eyes in the torso, to the armored forearms that look heavy with crushing power. The creature has such a powerful look, and appears to me as a fusion of a gorilla+dragon+Cthulhu. The chains and lamps are an interesting touch as well. Click the picture below to explore Avery's Flickr page, or check out his Instagram here.

Little description is given to these builds by Ivan Martynov… but in terms of quality, the build speaks for itself. Everything about the Jack of Clubs feels alien, from the organic, bulb-eyed creature to the “cross” of clubs that the creature is… er... hung up on. Hardly a stud can be seen, and there are several areas of the build that really catch the viewer’s eye. Personally, I can’t stop admiring the creature’s gloriously round and symmetrical chest, not to mention the pointed base with its triangular 2x2 road sign pieces.

The Ace of diamonds is equally mysterious and creepy… what are those tentacles connected to, exactly? I’m hungry for more builds in this style… what would Ivan’s Queen of Hearts or King of Spades look like? We can only hope we find out soon.

Ah, Black Fantasy… the classic fan-driven sub-genre that blossomed in the MOC building community in the early 2010s (if memory serves). Djokson’s “Specimen” is a top-of-the-line example of a Black Fantasy creature. It is a perfect blend of bulbous and spiny, and there is something particularly unsettling about not knowing whether the apparatus on the dorsal side of the body (remember anatomy?) is used for digestion or cognition. Those beady eyes are also incredibly well done, with some creative NPU (nice piece usage) of the rubber technic axle connector (45590).


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