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Terror Counter Force


The TCF is a government organization dedicated countering potential threats to humanity at large.  It is composed of 3 primary branches: 

MCD - The Military Combat Division

MAD - Military Administrative Division

MSD - Military Science Division

The TCF is an international organization, though it was founded in the UTL. There are 10 primary TCF bases in the year 2107, including Delta, Beta, and Epsilon (the development site for 4th dimensional navigation)


Notable members include General Gatner (MCD), Orin Binkly, Kurt Overbeck, and Jenny Lippert (MSD).

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Left to right: Keith, Jenny Lippert, Dr. Binkley, Kurt Overbeck, General Gatner

Left to right: TCF forces in UTL, General Gatner, President Owens and Kurt

TCF Rankings

TCF ranks, from highest to lowest:


1. General

2. Commander

3. Captain

4. Lieutenant

5. Centurion

6. Corporal

7. Legionary


1. Head of Department

2. Senior scientist

3. Lieutenant scientist

4. Staff scientist

5. Junior scientist

6. Technician

7. Scientist's assistant

8. Technician's assistant


1. Grand Marshal

2. Chief officer

3. Staff officer

4. Warrant officer

5. Drill officer

Recruitment Process

At each military academy, the top cadets are offered service with TCF. They will have a much higher salary, more civilian privileges, a majority of their insurance will be paid for, and they will have higher government authorization. However, TCF is a grueling commitment and requires total dedication. About 1 out of every 4 soldiers accepts the invite to TCF. After a 6 month training program, they select which branch to specialize in. Once enrolled, they begin at the lowest rank and can work their way up through promotion.

TCF ranks.png

TCF rank insignias. Top row left to right: trooper, corporal, centurion, lieutenant, captain, commander, general.

Bottom row left to right: drill officer, staff officer, chief officer, grand marshal


TCF symbol

The Sect of maintaining intellect and truth on earth


SMITE is an older organization than TCF, and is believed to have been founded in the 1800s. It controls powerful military forces, but it is at its core a religious organization. The followers of SMITE are believers of Immonism; they worship of the hive mind Krozox. Immonists see complete unification as the answer to the world's suffering, and pray for the day when all living things are connected through Krozox.

The Founder and many of SMITE's members remain unknown, but TCF spies have managed to gain some information about the organization's structure (at great cost).

At the top, there is the founder of SMITE, usually referred to as "The Redeemer".  He has never been seen by non-SMITE members. His second-in-command is Balthazar Patell II, who holds the title of "Divine Prophet". Below him are a council of prophets including Lazarus and Mortimer Grime

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Slade Story.jpg
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SMITE logotext.png

Ranking system

SMITE's complex ranking system helps ensure that all

members are held accountable for disgraces to Krozox or SMITE. The infographic below shows which roles have authority over other roles, based on where the arrow is pointing.

The lowest role is Sporeling. Sporelings have committed seeral disgraces and enter a correctional facility, guarded by Enforcers and Tartarus. They undergo experimental treatment to reinvigorate their religious devotion.

Chaplains are religious and military leaders that run cohorts of Paragons and lesser Zealots (basic soldiers). 

The keepers are paragons who passed up the opportunity to be Chaplains in order to serve SMITE with a specialized skill set.

Clerics are dark scientists who experiment with dark magic and ritual. Several clerics are channelers who host ritual contact with Krozox, which helps strengthen religious conviction in members.

Governers are members of society with influence - politicians, billionaires, CEOs, etc. These members provide resources to SMITE, often in exchange for special treatment and future promises.

Prophet is the highest attainable rank in SMITE. They supervise all lower roles and are a part of the Council of Prophets, which dictates all major decisions.

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